Exterior Maintenance

Peterson Toyota serves Meridian and Nampa ID customers and now offers a new on-site Car Wash to keep their car looking fresh!

Maintaining Value

Keeping up with the exterior maintenance of your vehicle is just as important as how you care for the interior of your vehicle. Weather conditions, bugs, bird droppings and more can affect the wear of the paint and shine of your vehicle. Beyond looking nice, there are long term benefits to taking extra care of your vehicle’s exterior!

If you are thinking about trading in your current vehicle or selling it, a well-kept exterior will get you a trade-in or sale value. If a new owner or the dealership has to give the vehicle a new paint job, that money will come off of the value of your car. Touch up paint can be purchased in our Parts Department. Just call 208-378-9010.

Simply washing your car every month during normal weather conditions is a great way to lengthen the life of your car’s paint. Nowadays, there are waxes, sealants and many different products to keep your vehicle’s exterior shining and looking like new!

For questions regarding the exterior maintenance of your Toyota or any other make vehicle, contact our Boise Toyota Service Center serving Meridian and Nampa at 208-378-9010 today.