The Boise Toyota Service Team serving Nampa and Meridian ID at Peterson Toyota hopes you take the time to watch this video. Brakes are a life-saving element in your vehicle and must be properly maintained in order to function at their optimum performance level. Toyota customers often tell us that their brakes have been squeaking for months – that is not good. If you hear ANY noises in your braking system, please bring immediately schedule an appointment and bring your vehicle in to a trusted auto repair shop.

Our team of auto technicians, combined, have over 500 years of experience! To say that they know exactly how to take care of your Toyota, or any other make of vehicle obvious. The Peterson Toyota team serves Meridian and Nampa customers more than quality work and parts. They are customer-focused and will go the extra mile to make sure your experience was a satisfying one.

Once you bring your vehicle in for inspection, customers will:

– Be greeted by a leading customer service auto repair associate.

– Once a technician has been assigned to your vehicle, they will look for signs of failure in the master cylinder, wheel cylinder, brake linings, brake rotors, and drums or discs.

– They will also check for vibrations, squealing, dragging, grabbing, or pedals that go to the floor. Check the brake fluid under the hood for a dark or murky color – if so, it is time to replace it.

– And it is important to remember that all brakes wear out. It is one of the most common services. If drums, discs, or rotors are damaged, expect a higher bill. Bringing your car in for service at the first sign of trouble can prevent higher bills.

Contact our Boise Toyota service center serving Nampa and Meridian Idaho to schedule an appointment, right here online, or simply call 208-378-9010 today!