If you have ever turned the key and heard nothing, then you know the horror of having a drained car battery. Finding your jumping cables, tow company or friendly neighbor becomes tedious and embarrassing. Peterson Toyota serving Meridian and Nampa has the experience and knowledge that customers look for in a dealership.

Our service team will be able to fit the right brand of batteries into your car, at the right price. And if you would like help installing your battery, we can do that for you too! Take advantage of the services this Boise Toyota dealership has to offer and join the hundreds of customers we serve from Nampa to Meridian who trust our services.

Did you know…

 Corrosion and increased energy demands can shorten battery life.

Only 30% of batteries reach their 48 month life expectancy.

Most batteries are maintenance free. However, if fluid level is low, refill with distilled water. Be careful not to overfill.

Contact our Boise Toyota service center serving Nampa and Meridian ID right here online, or call us directly at 208-378-9010.