Air Conditioning and Heating

Our Toyota dealer serving Meridian and Nampa, Peterson Toyota, offers customers low-cost options for air conditioning and heating services. Toyota drivers from Idaho are lucky enough to enjoy all four seasons of the year. At the same time, that means it is important to have your air conditioning working in the summer and heating working in the winter! The technicians at our Boise Toyota Service Center will gladly inspect your vehicle to ensure your A/C and heating are working properly.

Toyota Air Conditioning Service

A vehicle’s air conditioner cools the interior of the car, removing heat and humidity. The air conditioning compressor is powered by a belt which essentially pumps cooled refrigerant through the system. In order to ensure your air conditioning system is running at it’s peak condition many areas should be checked.

A visual inspection will give our technicians certain clues. They can tell if there have been cracks or damages to the belt and check components for leaks and/or damages. Our Boise Toyota Service Center is equipped with the latest tools and equipment, which will be used to check the operation of the system and other A/C components.

Peterson Toyota in Boise ID has inspected and corrected thousands of Air Conditioning Systems. If you have any questions about the process or when it is time to get your A/C system checked, please call us directly at 208-378-9010.

Heating System

The heating system in any vehicle, whether a Toyota or other brand vehicle, is a relatively easy to maintain. Checking your heating system regularly will not only help with driving comfort during Idaho winters, but prevent overheating – the most common cause of breakdowns.

The heating system heats air which is circulated from the radiator through a series of hoses and then blown through a fan into the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Periodically changing the antifreeze and having a working thermostat are key components to keeping your heating system in top shape! For questions, our Boise Toyota Service Center is available Monday through Saturday 7:30AM – 6:00PM. Toyota customers are encouraged to stop by and take advantage of Peterson’s Boise Toyota Express Service Lane serving Nampa and Meridian. This lane will get you in and out of our service center quickly, even during a lunch break! There is no appointment necessary, simply stop by during our business hours today!