Service Lounge Amenities

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Children’s Play Area With Aquarium



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– Complementary Wifi
– Private Work Stations
– Free Beverages & Popcorn
– Kids Play Area
– Comfortable Seating

Waiting around for your car to be serviced can be boring, especially when it takes hours. But when you have your car serviced at Peterson Toyota, our reputable Boise maintenance center, you might actually find yourself enjoying your time spent in the waiting room, thanks to some great changes we have made.

Our new seating area has been revised to make you feel more like you’re sitting in a café then at a car dealership. Round tables accompanied by comfortable seats have been set up in a spacious area with a great view of our TVs. If you don’t feel like sitting at a table, we also have other seats that make it easy for you to sit back and relax.

The café-like atmosphere is enhanced by a cute little kitchen-area we’ve also put in the waiting room. Walk on over if you’re thirsty and help yourself to some hot coffee or cold water, and we also have sugar and creamer for those who don’t like their coffee black. Take it over your table and unwind by watching some TV.

Adults may get incredibly bored and antsy waiting around, but kids are even worse. We certainly didn’t forget about the little ones, and to help keep them quiet and content, we set up a new little play area for them as well. They can now keep themselves entertained on their own little table with toys, a TV and even a chalkboard.

We also offer fun things for both kids and adults to try, like our new giant fish tank filled with plenty of little sea creatures to keep you happy during your wait. Of course, our skilled technicians work hard to make sure you never have to wait that long, but in the event that you must, at least you can feel better knowing you have some entertainment.

If you would like more information on our exciting new Boise maintenance center, feel free to browse our website or give us a call at 208-378-9010.