Great Service Specials for Customers at Our Toyota Dealer Serving Meridian

Toyota Serving Meridian Service SpecialsHere at Peterson Toyota, the trusted Toyota dealer serving Meridian, our prices are always affordable, but we are always looking for more ways to save you even more money. At our dealership, you’ll find specials on new cars, used cars, parts and many offers for our service department.

If your vehicle feels like its drifting or pulling to one side when you’re trying to drive straight and your tires look like they have uneven wear and tear, then you may be in need of a vehicle alignment. If that’s the case, bring it over to Peterson Toyota where you can align your vehicle for low price of $59.95.

We are At Your Service

Toyota Dealer Serving Meridian Service SpecialsIt is very important for drivers to make sure that their tires are in the best possible condition. If you need new tires and a car alignment, then you’re in luck; right now you can get a free alignment with a purchase of four tires. Have a flat tire? Come in to Peterson Toyota and get it fixed for $10.

For the best visibility in any weather condition, consider getting a windshield rain treatment at a great price. For $22, we will clean your windshield and apply an Aquapel Windshield Rain Treatment that makes it easy to see in the rain or snow.  A single application of Aquapel typically lasts around 6 months.

Like to do handy work yourself? Then check out our DIY Oil Filter Special, where you can get three oil filters for the low price of $5.41 instead of $6.99. Rather have someone else do the work? Check out our special of 25% off any service of repair on any vehicle over 100,000 miles.

We have plenty of service specials and a little something for everyone, so be sure to check back frequently and see what we have to offer, as our specials are always being updated. If you would like more information on Peterson Toyota and our service specials, feel free to browse our website or give us a call at 208-378-9010.

Toyota Dealer Serving Meridian Inventory

This post was authored by Peterson Toyota.

Get Brake Advice from the Service Experts at Our Toyota Dealer Serving Meridian

Toyota Break Checkup Serving MeridianFor your safety, the experts at Peterson Toyota, our respected Toyota dealer serving Meridian, are here to give you advice on your vehicle’s brakes. It’s extremely important that you make sure your brakes are always working properly, but it’s even more important to make sure they’re in great condition during the snow and icy winter months.

Brake failure is very serious, and if you’ve experienced it before, you know the feeling of terror and fear that it can cause. The best way to ensure your breaks will never fail is routine maintenance, but there are warning signs to watch out for when your breaks are starting to wear down.

Always Check Your Brakes

Toyota Brake Service Serving MeridianWhen your brakes are starting to go, they will start to make noises like squealing, clicking, squeaking and grinding. If you hear your brakes make any of these weird noises, it is very important that you don’t ignore them. Ignoring them can be very dangerous and even fatal for you and others on the road.

One sound in particular that makes it very obvious that your brakes need to be checked is a harsh grinding sound. This means that you have gone all the way through your brake pads and the metal of the calipers is now grinding against the metal of your rotors. This is not only dangerous, but it can cause major damage to your rotors, resulting in more serious and expensive vehicle damage.

Aside from noises, you can also tell if your brakes are failing from physical warning signs. If you start to feel your car move to one side while braking or turning, it can be a sign of something wrong with the braking system, such as a stuck caliper, a collapsed brake hose or uneven braking pads.

Brakes are probably the most important part of your car, and as you can see, it is imperative that you are up-to-date with maintenance and service. If you suspect something might be wrong or you just want to make sure everything is ok, bring your car into Peterson Toyota and our experts can check them for you.

For more information on brake checkups, feel free to browse our website or give us a call at 208-378-9010.

Toyota Dealer Serving Meridian Inventory

This post was authored by Peterson Toyota.

Boise Toyota Owners Go to Peterson Toyota for Affordable and Reliable Tires

One of the most important parts of your car in the tires you have on them. You want to make sure they have no wear and tear, are full of air and tightly secured on your vehicle. At Peterson Toyota, our trusted Boise Toyota dealer, there are plenty of tires available and our experts are more than happy to help you choose the right one.

At Peterson Toyota, our prices are affordable, but we understand that buying quality product can cost money. That’s why we are always offering special deals to save on our reliable products. Buying new tires can be costly but it is extremely important for your safety and for prolonging the life of your vehicle.

Make or Break Your Ride with the Right Tires

Boise Toyota DealerThere is nothing worse than the inconvenience of having to shell out your hard earned money to fix a flat tire. That’s why we offer coupons for customers with repairable tires. We also offer coupons for those who purchase new tires from our dealership; when you buy four tires, you can get specials deals on alignments and oil changes.

Whether you drive a Corolla, Camry or RAV4, we have the tires that fit your car perfectly and provide the upmost protection and smooth driving. Our staff is always ready to help you choose the right tires, and our Toyota tire center carries brands like Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone.

It’s always a good idea to buy your tires from a trusted Toyota dealership like Peterson Toyota. The experts at our Boise Toyota dealership know your car better than anyone, and they can help you choose the right tires to fit your location and lifestyle. We can even help you find the right tires for the season.

Ordering tires from our dealership is simple and convenient, and you can even do it right from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is go to our website, fill out the form with your car model, trim and year or the tire size, and you can see what we have available along with the prices.

For more information on Peterson Toyota and our tire services, give us a call at 208-378-9010 or visit us online at

This post was authored by Peterson Toyota.

Coming Soon–Toyota Express Lube

COMING SOON! A Toyota Express Lube in Boise, Idaho.


Do you ever find yourself needing an oil change, but don’t have a lot of time? No problem! Peterson Toyota in Boise, Idaho Express Lube will feature a no-appointment quick lube service lanes staffed by trained technicians who are dedicated to ensuring your vehicle is serviced quickly, and correctly.

We anticipate our Express Lube to be open in early Fall of 2013.  As Idaho’s number one volume dealer we have an extensive inventory of the right Toyota parts, tools and know-how to get you back on the road today.

Peterson Toyota Express Lube benefits include:
  • No Appointment Needed
  • Convenient Hours
  • Genuine Toyota Parts which include our Limited Parts and Service Warranty
  • ToyotaCare Oil Changes
  • Complimentary Car Wash
Please contact us at 208.608.5402 with any questions you may have regarding this service.  We can also be reached at .

Windshield Safety

Is your windshield CrAcKeD?  Cracked windshields pose a dangerous and potential  liability during a collision. Cracks prevent windows from breaking as intended and therefore can cause unnecessary injuries during wrecks or even small fender benders. Not only is a  cracked windshield visually unattractive, cracked windshields can actually impair a drivers vision. Replace your windshield with a new one  from Peterson Toyota of Boise.

Boise Toyota Windshield Repair

Visit Peterson Toyota in Boise today – we are your windshield repair and window repair experts in the Treasure Valley. Our factory-certified technicians can restore your windshield, and your field of vision, back to its optimum level of performance. Our windshield services include:

*Windshield repair
*Windshield replacements
*Window repair
*Window replacements

Our  team of  experts  here at Peterson Toyota in Boise look forward to doing business with you!

Peterson Toyota

Tire Repair

Peterson Tires

Have you been driving around the Boise, Nampa, Meridian area and noticed your Toyota needs new tires?  If that’s the case, let Peterson Toyota be your tire replacement and repair expert. There is so little between the road and your safety and that is why at Peterson Toyota we treat tire replacement as if we were putting them on our own cars!  It is important to know when it is time to get new tires for your Toyota.  It is important to know that having enough tread on your tires and keeping them properly inflated  are key factors when it comes to safety.  Doing these things helps with gas mileage and also improves the ride of your Toyota.

Do I Need New Tires? Here’s a Quick Test

Grab a penny and place his shiny face within the tire’s tread pattern. Insert the penny so that Abraham Lincoln’s head faces downward and check to see whether you can still see Abe’s face. If the tire tread covers his face, then your tires are probably still okay, but if the tire’s tread is shallow enough that all of Lincoln’s face can still be seen, it may be time to come to Peterson for some new tires.

The Experts at Peterson Toyota of Boise

We carry the perfect  recommended tires for your Toyota . We also know how to complete the proper alignment for your Toyota which ensures proper tread wear and extends your tires’ life. We also handle tire rotation (often completed with your Toyota oil change here at Peterson Toyota). No matter what make of car that you have you can trust in the service that Peterson Toyota provides with every tire change.

Let our Toyota tire experts help  you.  We are open Monday through Saturday 7:30 to 6:00 and can be reached by calling 208.608.5402 or schedule your appointment online.

Toyota Floor Mats

Floormats InstalledIt is important to always be aware of the floor mat placement in your vehicle.

Information about Toyota and Lexus Carpeted/All-Weather Floor Mats from the Toyota Pressroom:

– Only install floor mats designed specifically for that model and model year. Check for correct model name and part number on the packaging label to confirm vehicle application.

– Never install a floor mat if you are uncertain of the model application.

– Never install the floor mat upside down or turned over for any reason.

– Only install the driver’s floor mat in the driver’s foot area.

– Always properly secure the driver’s floor mat using the retaining hooks (clips) supplied in the bag with the floor mats (in the case of Lexus with the carpet floor mats). Follow the floor mat retention clip installation instruction supplied with the clips. If the mat is properly secured and you have confirmed vehicle applicability, it will not interfere with the accelerator pedal.

– Never install the front driver’s floor mat without all retaining hooks (clips) securing the mat firmly in place.

– The retaining hooks (clips) are designed to accommodate only one floor mat at a time.

– Do not install another floor mat(s) on top of an existing driver’s floor mat.

– After installation, always check the operation of the accelerator, brake and clutch (if applicable) pedals to assure the floor mat does not interfere with them.

– Carefully read the warning tag attached to the driver’s floor mat regarding installation.

Peterson Toyota Parts and Service is located at 9101 West Fairview Avenue in Boise, Idaho.  We can be reached by calling 208.608.5402 or schedule online.


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