Advice on Preparing Your Car for the Winter from Our Toyota Dealer Serving Meridian Experts

Toyota Dealer Serving Meridian Winter ServiceWhen winter arrives, it seems to arrive in full force, and it’s important that you make sure your car is in top shape for when the snow starts to fall and the ice starts to form. For your safety and convenience, the experts at Peterson Toyota, our trusted Toyota dealer serving Meridian, are here to tell you how to prepare your car for winter.

The first car care tip is to make sure you replace your windshield wipers if necessary. Visibility can be drastically reduced in certain winter conditions, and it’s important you make sure your current wipers are in good working order and that your windshield washer reservoir is filled.

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Toyota Winter Prepping Serving MeridianThe next tip is to check your tires, because the last thing you want to deal with is a car skidding all over the road and crashing into something. You want to make sure that you own quality cars and the pressure and the tread on them are at the appropriate levels. For extra protection, consider putting on snow tires.

Make sure to perform a maintenance inspection to ensure that it’s all up-to-date. Check the battery along with any belts and hoses. If there is any major repairs needed that you have been putting off, try to get them taken car of before the winter months come along, and only use quality OEM Toyota parts and accessories.

Checking your engine coolant is one of the most important parts of winterizing your car, as you the last thing you want is your car to get destroyed from the harsh winter cold. Make sure your engine coolant is a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze, and if you’re not sure, any auto parts store can test it for you.

Always have a car kit in your car for emergencies, especially when it’s cold out. Make sure it’s filled with necessary items like a warm blanket, gloves, a hat, food that lasts awhile and water just in case you’re stranded for awhile. Other items you want to have include a shovel, a flashlight, jumper cables, a first aid kit and an ice scraper.

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This post was authored by Peterson Toyota.